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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ramon Hernandez Lower Body Training

Here's a video clip of Ramon implementing our lower body training program. His SUV is 7,500#...but add the the driver, and a full tank of gas, AND Ramon was getting after about 8,000# truck push. Regardless as to how many games Ramon catches in '11, the amount of squatting behind the plate and overall log term knee stress cannot be downplayed. That being said, our off-season lower body program is designed specifically to keep his knees safe and healthy, so he arrives into spring training camp with fresh knees and ready to go. Therefore, we get after the truck and tires. The truck push is more favorable on the knees, than traditional squats, while never sacrificing strength or power. The huge PLUS to truck/tire training is the amount of real conditioning you'll get.

Get after it. Trucks are easy to find.

Go hard in the yard.

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