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 If a game is being played you can be sure Im watching it from home or from the stands. Many of my own workouts involve designing/creating out-of-the-box exercises & programs to enhance performance and movement unique to baseball

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I want to welcome Anibal Sanchez, as the newest member to Five Tool Baseball Performance Training.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ramon Hernandez comments

Ramon Hernandez, C #55
Cincinnati Reds

"Adam has been my off-season trainer since 2007. The combination of his strength training knowledge and past experiences as a player are important in understanding the training demands that are necessary for me and my position as a catcher. Whether we're on the field or in the training facility he’s prepared for every training session keeping me motivated and focused. I am very confident with Adam as my off-season performance training coach."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week in the DR with Miguel Tejada

Just wanted to share and document a few pics while I was in the Domincan Republic (Republica Domincana)training Miguel Tejada. It was one of the best experiences in my baseball trainng career. I had one of those opportunities that just never forget. We trained hard, talked about baseball, family and life all the while he showed me where and how lived as a boy and now as a professional baseball player.

Miggy and I talking after lunch at his home

Miggy warming up before a WBC game with the JC band I gave him

This is the field Miggy played on as a boy. He had a stadium and outfield wall built around it so kids would be safe.

and these are the reasons he built the stadium. The group of kids practicing when we arrived

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Cannon

It's well known that hip extension, hip abduction and external hip rotation are seen as the primary functions for the glutes. Total body strength coupled with strong glutes, or the CANNON as I refer to them, play a significant role during on-field performance: running, throwing, fielding, changes of direction, etc. In turn, weak glutes(cannon)can contribute to unnecessary, 'extra' work for the hamstrings thus possibly resulting in the all too frequent hamstring injuries. So the answer should simple: get the glutes stronger, right? Yes and no. We cant just "hammer-away" at the glutes and say we have strong glutes without understanding what's going on at the hip flexor complex. It is extremly common for many of us to experience tight hip flexors based upon the tremendous amout of sitting we do. And, tight hip flexors can turn-off(inhibit)the glutes while minimizing the glute functions mentioned above. Exercises such as squats, romanian deadlifts, lunges are great for strengthening the glutes. However, in addition let's also consider a few movement patterns which target the glutes while dynamically lengthening the hip flexors. Exercises such as split squats, bulgarian squats, stability ball reverse hypers, bird dogs and even recline rows (reference baseball grip strength blog) target the glutes and hip flexors. Well functioning glutes and hip flexors can minimize injury keeping your athlete on the field.

Go hard in the yard-


Saturday, May 16, 2009

On The Move...

Wanted to share the progress of two ball players who trained with me this past off-season.

(1) Luis Hernandez(SS) - after being invited to spring training with the Kansas City Royals, Luis started the season in AAA with the Omaha Royals. Luis has since been called up to the KC Royals.

(2) Aric Weinberg(OF) - one of the hardest working and dedicated kids I know. Aric has won the starting Right Field position for the Alexandria Aces of the Continental Baseball League(CBL).

Go hard in the yard


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Whether you're a weekend warrior, professional athlete, or simply want to feel healthy, then consider Omega 3 Fish Oil as part of your daily nutritional program.

Documented benefits of Omega 3 are:
* Cardiovascular health
* Protection against strokes & heart attacks
* Improves brain function
* Less depression
* Helps with childhood disorders such as ADD, ADHD
* Protects against cancers such as breast, colon and prostate


* Anti-inflamatory which equates to less pain; healthier joints

Baseball has truly become a 52 week sport when you consider off-season training followed by pre-,in- and post-season games and continuous in-season training. No doubt, that such physical demands and stress can conribute to joint inflammation - a contributing factor to tendonitis. The anti-inflamatory benefit of Omega 3 can minimize inflammation and speed recovery contributing to optimal on-field and off-field(gym) performance.

Athlete or not, Omega 3 should be part of a healthy nutritional program.

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