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Friday, July 8, 2011

Up Tick

(On July 7, 2011) Cincinnati Reds catcher, Ramon Hernandez, hits his 9th homer of the season. Altho a modest increase, it's the most HR's he has hit since the 15 hit in 2008. Looking forward to #16.

Out train the game!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Hybrid Training

Traditional strength training exercises such as the lat pulldown, seated row, bench press (machine based or free weights) are ideal for body building as they are typically performed in a stable, single plane of motion, isolating a particular body part. Such traditional exercises are great at creating "gym' strength.

Although such exercises can get you strong, they shouldn't be the only approach when training for baseball. Baseball related movements (and sports in general) should be trained via exercises which are multi-planar integrating multiple muscle groups thru multiple ranges of motion - the essence of functional training. Exercises such as standing band/cable press, split squats, or even 1-arm standing row, can generate "field" strength; capable of reducing the incidence of injury and enhancing on-field performance.

Combining traditional strength training exercises with functional strength training exercises provides for a training system (HYBRID TRAINING SYSTEM) capable of bridging "gym" strength and "field" strength. It maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your training program.

Here's a few examples:

Squats - Traditional
1-Leg RDL - Functional

Lat Pull Down - Traditional
Standing Alternating Band Press - Functional

Seated Row - Traditional
Stability Ball Push Up - Functional

Flat Bench DB Press - Traditional
1-Arm Standing Cable Row - Functional

Incline DB Bench Press - Traditional
Recline Row - Functional

Out train the game.