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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Core Stiffness Series: #5 BONUS

In addition to the 4 main Core Stiffening movement patterns I've outlined in my Core Stiffness Series, the core can greatly be challenged by combining movement patterns; such as combining anti-extension and anti-rotation as the video below depicts.

Core Stiffness Series: #4 ANTI-LATERAL FLEXION

The final piece to my overall CORE STIFFNESS exercise series is Anti-Lateral Flexion; which as the name applies our goal is to prevent or minimize any lateral flexion as the exercise is performed. When Anti-Lateral Flexion drills are implemented along with the other Core Stiffening exercises (Anti-Rotation, Anti-Extension & Anti-Flexion) serious core stiffness can be achieved in order to optimize the generation, transfer and utilization of power.

Core Stiffness Series: #3 ANTI-FLEXION

Third in my CORE STIFFNESS exercise series is Anti-Flexion. When the accurate load is selected, by preventing trunk flexion, the Parallel Stance 2-arm cable/band row is an excellent exercise to challenge and stiffen the posterior core.

Core Stiffness Series: #2 ANTI-EXTENSION

Next up as part of my CORE STIFFNESS exercise series is Anti-Extension. In addition to preventing trunk extension (which challenges the anterior core) the following exercise (Staggered Stance 2-arm cable press) also provides benefits to the chest, shoulders, scapula, triceps, rear-foot ankle, & rear-leg hip flexors.

Core Stiffness Series : #1 ANTI-ROTATION

When training core stability, or core stiffness as I like to reference it, consider a series of movement patterns that address the following: anti-rotation, anti-extension, anti-flexion and anti-lateral flexion. First up is an example of anti-rotation... a simple cable push-out which has also been referred to as the Pallof Cable Press.