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Friday, September 30, 2011

202 = 6th

As posted earlier, Anibal Sanchez recorded 202 strikeouts in 2011...good enough for 6th best amongst NL starters.

Congrats to Anibal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ramon finishes 2011

Ramon opened up the 2011 season with an opening day 3 run walk-off HR. How awesome is that. His 2011 numbers were fairly consistent to that of 2010. However, he did show some extra pop this year finishing with 5 more HRs than 2010.

He called me from NYC tonight; ready to begin his 2012 off-season training program.

here we go....

Stay tuned

Go hard in the yard

2011 in the books

The 2011 MLB season is in the books. It also marks the second consecutive season that FTB client and Florida Marlins Starting Pitcher Anibal Sanchez has done it again..made all 32 of his starts and finished healthy. Big deal you say. Well, it actually is as Anibal has shown that, since training with FTB, he is healthy and durable following 3 previous injury riddled seasons (2007-2009).

Altho his 2011 ERA is up slightly (due to more HRs allowed) he held opponents to lower BA (.250) and allowed fewer hits (187) & BB (64) than 2010. More importantly, as these numbers demonstrate durable and power, he threw more innings (196.1), more strikeouts (202) than 2010.

He and I have already talked and he is eager to get a jumpstart on our 2011 off-season training program in preparation for the 2012 season

Get ready Miami!

Go hard in the yard.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Highs in September '11

When the 162 game season begins taking it's toll on players, Anibal Sanchez is still in mid-season form. While tossing a 1-hitter vs. the pirates last night, Sanchez recorded his 3rd complete game and 2nd shutout of the 2011 season-both are season career highs.

I couldn't be more convinced about the structure of our off season training and conditioning programs. As I've said time and time again, "in season performance happens in the off-season".

Go hard in yard.