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 If a game is being played you can be sure Im watching it from home or from the stands. Many of my own workouts involve designing/creating out-of-the-box exercises & programs to enhance performance and movement unique to baseball

Monday, December 17, 2012

$80,000,000 Tiger

Last Friday, December 15, 2012 was a very rewarding day. It was when Anibal Sanchez, SP, agreed to a 5 year $80 Million contract to remain with the Detroit Tigers. Having been his off-season baseball strength coach for the past 3 off-seasons it was an equally rewarding day for me...maybe not 80 million dollars worth, but it sure was rewarding. You see, prior to teaming up with Five Tool Baseball in 2009, Anibal saw time on and off the Disabled List(DL) for each of his first 4 years in the MLB. Since joining FTB, our plan never wavered; train to keep him on the mound.

You have to be healthy and capable of taking the ball every 5th day to show your worth. For the past 3 years Anibal has been healthy, strong, with zero trips to the Disabled List. As his trainer, that's been my reward...his health. Three years healthy, got him 5 years and a whole lot of money.

He has been the perfect example of gym tested and field proven. Anibal out trains the game!

Buena Suerte Anibal.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

La Potenica

Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland A's OF,  has teamed up with
Five Tool Baseball Performance Training(FTBPT) for his off-season strength training & conditioning program in preparation for the 2013 season.

 Nicknamed "La Potencia" meaning The Power, Yoenis is quickly getting acclimated as to what it truly means to out train the game! with FTBPT.

 Great things are on the horizon for this young man.

Train hard, train smart.