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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's just what I do.

This past weekend (August 12-15, 2010) I traveled from Florida to Cincinnati,Ohio to catch the series between the Florida Marlins and Reds. It was a great opportunity to see two of my off-season guys: Ramon Hernandez and Anibal Sanchez. I was able to spend some professional, quality time with the both of them - along the way I was introduced to teammates, coaches, and managers. Networking, networking and networking. You never know who can or will become part of your "training" roster.

For me, training my clients/ballplayers doesnt stop when they leave for their season. Part of my training responsibility is to support them thru their season. For the past 5+ years I have traveled from scroching heat high school and collegiate games to spring training facilities and MLB parks. It's just what I do. And it should be just what you do. It's my favorite unwritten job description - It shouldnt have to be written at all. Bottom line, if you're involved in the training of baseball players, of any level, then show your support by showing up. I promise you it will mean more than you know.

Go hard in the yard.


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