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Monday, October 19, 2015

Greatly appreciated Testimonial

I was greatly appreciative when I checked my e-mail this evening and was greeted by these words from Juan Carlos Santana, Founder of the Institute of Human Performance. 

"I have traveled the world ten times over.  I have had to the opportunity
to Chair the NSCA sports specific conference for 3 years.  I believe it
would be a safe thing to say that I have been around some of the best
strength and conditioning coaches on the planet.  When it comes to
baseball, I believe few strength coaches I have ever met have the
multi-dimensional perspective to the strength development of baseball
players as Adam Brush."

"Adam has played and coach baseball, giving him a practical knowledge of
the game, coaches like me will never have.  He has also dedicated the last
10 years to studying the functional biomechanics of baseball, as well as
the application of functional training methods to specifically deal with
baseball related performance.  When you look at the players Adam has
trained, and the impact he has had on their performance, his capabilities
become blatantly obvious.  This is why I had complete confidence in making
Adam the director of IHP baseball."

- Juan Carlos Santana

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