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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Core Strength Training

There's tons of perspective out there regarding the core and core training. So, in keeping it brief, what's one more...

First, the core has been identified as the musculature of the trunk anywhere from the shoulders down to the knees (front and back) or the sternum to the hips (front and back). Either way, the function of the core is two fold: (1) to protect the spine and (2) to generate and transfer forces. Both relying heavily on core stability - aka - CORE STIFFNESS.

According to Juan Carlos Santana, in his recently published book Functional Training,  a majority of the major muscles of the core are oriented in a diagonal or horizontal fashion. This machine, the body, was built to rotate. But we need to possess core stability to handle this rotation whether in sport or daily tasks.

When it comes to baseball performance training, core strength is vital for rotational movements such as running, throwing and hitting. Core strength can be achieved by training for core stiffness as Ive written here anti-rotation, here anti-extension,  here anti-flexion, and here anti-lateral flexion). In turn, core strength is not only utilized but is needed during our various, medicine ball (MB), core explosive exercises - which requires a whole lot of core stiffness in order to generate and transfer the necessary forces to throw the MB. All in all core stiffness, which bridges the transfer of forces between upper & lower body, becomes critically important to maximize baseball’s on-field performance demands.

Enhance your core stiffness (stability) to enhance your on-field performance.

Out Train The Game.

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