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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Traditional Lifts...Not always

It shouldn’t be about how strong you are in the gym; it should be about the strength and power that’s obtained in the gym that can  be transferred onto the field.  In other words, do you want to be gym-strong or do you want to be field strong. And field strength doesn’t always have to come in the way of traditional lifts.

Case in point. One of my MLB athletes this past off-season did not perform the traditional chest press (flat or incline, floor or bench, dumbbells or barbells). Not a single repetition, not a single set. Instead, we created a chest press that would optimize the strength and power he already has. And in the process, give him slight gains and/or improvements that he would otherwise not acquire from traditional chest pressing. Our chest press exercise was performed with feet fixed on the ground, in a staggered stance position, to take full advantage of ground reaction forces all the while integrating muscles and NOT isolating muscles. The benefits (in addition to chest, shoulders and triceps) are brief yet impactful: Hip-flexor mobility of the rear leg, anti-trunk extension that delivers serious core stiffness and shoulder stability, and scapula mobility. The amazing thing is this, not only did we not compromise his power and strength we actually gave him improvements that enabled him to utilize more of the strength and power he already has.  Here’s what the exercise looks like… 

Although this exercise has quickly become one of my favorites, it wasn't until last Monday that I realized that traditional lifts dont  always have to rule the training program. 

It was Monday night (July 14, 2014) that the MLB client I referenced earlier, won the 2014 All Star Game Home Run Derby for the second consecutive year; only the second player to repeat and first to do so since Ken Griffey Jr did it in 1998 and 1999. 
And that client is none other than Yoenis Cespedes. One of the strongest and more powerful players I have had the privilege of training. 

Sometimes being non-traditional is more than ok - it may just provide the results you need and more. 

Felicitaciones Yoenis. Todo Potencia. 

Out Train the Game...and re-think what's in your toolbox. 


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