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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rotational Superset Training Part 2

In my previous blog dated December 2, 2011, I referenced a PUSH/Pull rotational superset combination that supports the rotational movement patterns typical of baseball. The following represents a PULL/Push rotational superset that is also driven thru the transverse plane having a great impact on rotation and developing core stiffness.


This is a great unilateral exercise for back muscles; requiring a strong core

This is another great unilateral exercise that is driven thru the transverse plane requiring a strong core. In addition to developing core stability it targets chest, shoulders and triceps. As with the 1A S/S CABLE ROW (December 2, 2011 blog) this exercise also has a positive benefit on the rear leg hip flexor.

Be sure to train both sides.

Train hard, train smart. And as always...

Before you play the game, OUT TRAIN THE GAME!

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