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Friday, December 23, 2011

Power Endurance & Conditioning Drill

Im from the school of thought that long distance running/jogging doesn't make a whole lot sense for baseball performance training. That being said, the following is one of my favorite power endurance conditioning drills that includes four 100 yard shuttles with each one separated by four different leg exercises. It looks like this:

Sprint 100 yards (4 x 25 yards*)
20 Bodyweight Squats (perform for speed)
Sprint 100 yards (4 x 25 yards*)
20 Bodyweight Lunges (perform in place for speed)
Sprint 100 yards (4 x 25 yards*)
20 Bodyweight Split Jumps (perform for speed)
Sprint 100 yards (4 x 25 yards*)
10 Bodyweight Squat Jumps (perform for speed)

* the 100 yards is purposely broken down into four 25 yard segments to work on deceleration, changes of direction, and acceleration

NOTE: proper progression is an absolute must when executing this drill. Before you go out right away and attempt this drill, first start with a total sprint of 25 yards (1 x 25 yards).  Every 2-3 weeks (approximately) progress by adding 25 yards until you are capable of performing 4 x 25 yards: 
1 x 25 = 25 yards
2 x 25 = 50 yards
3 x 25 = 75 yards 
and finally 
4 x 25 = 100 yards

Throwing a stopwatch on this drill is an excellent way to motivate and show progress.

You'll get more than what you need to last the game!

Before you play the game...OUT TRAIN THE GAME!

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