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Monday, March 8, 2010

Shut up and run

If you play the game of baseball long enough you'll more than likely experience a few slumps - hitting slumps and in some cases even throwing slumps. However, one slump that you will not and should not experience, barring injury or laziness, is a running slump. Time and time again I see ball players hit a weak grounder or a little pop-up and then they just "dog-it", mumbling to themself, thinking it's a sure out. Shut up and run. Nothing in baseball is a sure out. To the younger guys: you never know who is watching. Dont come across as being lazy to potential scouts who might be watching. Where have the days of Pete "Charlie Hustle" Rose gone.

Play hard, run harder.

Go hard in the yard.



Thurman Hendrix said...

Absolutely! Don't view that weak ground ball as a failure, instead try to think of it as an opportunity to show off your speed!

AB said...

well said Thurman. Look forward to working with you soon.