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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vertical Jump Test- Don't fall In love with It

It's in my belief that the need to perform the standing jump assessment/test is not necessary, because jumping high doesn't necessarily mean you'll throw harder. The power that's displayed in pitching and jumping are not similar; there are some clear cut differences. The vertical jump test is a 2-leg explosive activity performed in the sagittal plane. Contrary, pitching is an explosive-power activity in which forces are transferred from one leg to the other (making it a 1-leg activity) in the frontal plane, and from shoulder to opposite hip (core rotation) thru the transverse plane. Therefore power development for pitchers ought to be frontal and transverse plane dominant rather than sagittal plane.

Still not sure what to think. Here's some more great info.

Ask yourself one simple question, are you training for a test or are you training for on-field performance?

This is a perfect opportunity to train smarter.

Out train the game.

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