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Friday, May 17, 2013

Functional Baseball Performance Training - FBPT

  The training principles behind Functional Baseball Performance Training (FBPT), are based upon the industry training concept known as Functional Training. Upon reading many strength training journals, attending multitude of training based workshops, the essence of Functional Training can be para-phrased as follows:

Training in a manner that is consistent to the intended activity with regards to planes of motion, ranges of motion, and speed of movements. 

Honestly, the ideas behind Functional Baseball Performance Training arent much different; just simplified.   FBPT consists of:
- Standing, ground based movements...Not sitting or laying down
- Multi-planar movements...not single 
- Integrating multiple muscle groups...not isolating specific muscles

However, because Functional Baseball Performance Training requires the integration of multiple muscle groups to create stabilization from standing positions, FBPT might not be the best approach for adding size (hypertrophy). For example, (traditional) bodybuilding methodologies of slow, isolated training from stable (laying/sitting down) positions  just might be necessary for the baseball player needing a bit more muscle. Now, although bodybuilders look great, I do not advocate an all exclusive use of the bodybuilding approach for improving on-field baseball performance. The ideal training scenario is to create a hybrid program which contains traditional and functional. You have to ask yourself, would you rather train for "all go" or "all show".

Out Train the Game!

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Ryan Faer said...

Coach, great breakdown of Functional Baseball Performance Training. All too often now, it seems that people throw out the words "functional training" without really considering its meaning. So, it's even more rare to find someone who can relate it specifically to baseball. By your definition it makes sense and it clear cut.

Also, I appreciate the fact that you say some bodybuilding must be done if hypertrophy is the endgame. Your "hybrid" model that you speak of is great because it speaks to the point that not ONE methodology of training is enough on its own to improve your game to the fullest.