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Monday, December 1, 2008

Tire Drags

Because baseball is a game of quick explosive bursts of power(over relatively short distances) it's rare that top end speed will be achieved. Therefore acceleration and 1st step quickness should be part of your baseball performance training. Along with acceleration, your training needs to include power based baseball movements with a hint of endurance via interval training. And by the way, we're not talking about long slow distance endurance(such as jogging miles and miles) but instead short, quick explosive movements such as running bases,run downs,tracking down fly balls, etc. Although chutes, hill runs, and incline treadmills can be prescribed to train for acceleration and improve baseball "endurance" (when needed), one of my favorite alternative exercises are tire drags. Glutes, hamstrings, quads will get pumped while taking your heart and lungs to new heights (via interval training; max intensity minimal rest) thus enhancing recovery. I know not everyone can get their hands on an old, used tractor tire, but if you can get it a try. It promises to build on-field recovery and stamia - minimizing late game fatigue.

Go hard in the yard--


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Anonymous said...

Tire Drags

This is one of my favorite exercises to perform with Adam! Stronger is the one word I would use to describe how my legs feel since doing tire drags. Not only are my legs stronger but my conditioning has gone to a whole other level because of the heart pumping demands this exercise provides. I feel that by the time I get to camp I will be in game shape and prepared for the long season. Thanks Adam.

Aric Weinberg